Masters Swimming Lessons.

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Swimming lessons for all at Grimsby Aquatics

Adult swimming lessons in Grimsby & Cleethorpes.

Are you a complete beginner wanting to learn to swim for the first time?  Looking to swimming as part of a keep fit regime? An accomplished swimmer wanting to fine tune your technique and stamina?  Or even in training for anything from a local triathlon to a national iron man competition?  If so Grimsby Aquatics Swim Team offers bespoke swimming lessons for anyone aged 18 and over.


Head Coach Mark Sheldrick

Our Masters session is open to anyone aged over 18 of any ability.  It is held at Whitgift Swimming Pool every Wednesday from 7am – 8am, and is tutored by our Head Coach Mark Sheldrick.

Mark will tailor your training to achieve your goals, however high you’ve set your own bar!  Masters sessions are held separately to our  junior training, so it’s adults only in the pool, and we have private, full use of the whole pool.

Based in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, The Grimsby Aquatics Masters Swimming Sessions are open to anyone in the local area.  We already train adult swimmers from a number of our local villages such as Immingham, Healing, Keelby, Waltham, Irby, Laceby & Stallingborough.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge, or would simply like more information on the area’s #1 swimming club, please contact our membership secretary Louise Reece who is ready to help.

We look forward to you joining us!


  1. Alicia Green

    Hi. Am interested in adult swimming lessons. Can float on back, do overarm swimming. Cant do breaststroke!! Am going on holiday in 7 weeks and want to gain some confidence and learn properly. Can you help???

    1. Author
      GAST S.N.

      Hi Alice, thanks for your question. We can certainly help you out and will be in touch through your email address very shortly.

  2. Lisa Gray

    Can you send me full details and prices for your adult swimming lessons please. My fella can’t swim and we need to get it sorted out! If you can send me the information I need I will then try and talk him into coming to your lessons then please

    1. Author
      GAST S.N.

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your enquiry. Our membership secretary will contact you shortly with all the details you need.

  3. Becky

    Hi, I’m interested in learning how to swim, i am acomplete beginner and feeling abit embarrassed as i cant swim. Do you do private classes or groups? Can you send me some information please

    1. Author
      GAST S.N.

      Hi Becky,
      Thanks for contacting us at Grimsby Aquatics, our membership secretary will contact you shortly with all the details you need to get you on the path to being a confident swimmer!

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