GAST @ Lincs Jr. Triathlon.

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A group of Grimsby Aquatics Swim Team members who had a free Saturday didn’t kick back and and take the day off, instead these intrepid and energetic youngsters entered the Lincoln Junior Triathlon!

The event took place in the grounds of the Yarborough Leisure Centre, Lincoln, with competitors starting their 3 discipline event in the pool.  And while there were many excellent competitors from all over the region, it was clear to see the Grimsby Aquatics swimmers hours and hours of training quickly pay off with every GAST swimmer streaking ahead of their competition in the pool. Several GAST swimmers managed to lap their opponents, with 2 gaining an advantage of over 2 lengths in, what was for them, a relatively short race distance.

After the swim it was out of the pool… “WALK – DON’T RUN” being the regular guidance offered by the officials to the eager youngsters during their transitions out of the pool and to the bike holding area.


GAST swimmer Rio Newton transitions from his swim to his bike ride during the Lincs Jr Triathlon.

Once having safely negotiated the transition from swimming to bike ~ shoes on, helmet on, quick drink… remembering NOT to touch your bike before your helmet is on or face disqualification… they were on their way for the 2nd discipline of the 3.

Several laps later and it was time to park the bikes and head out on foot for the running race and final part of the Triathlon.  And once again the GAST crew excelled, probably due to the land training element that forms an integral part of their swimming training.  Proud Mums & Dads were ‘puffed out’ just watching this fantastic display of fitness, competitiveness but above all, comradery amongst the GAST crew and their fellow competitors.


Competitor #361 Rio Newton with a well earned water after crossing the finish line at the Lincs Jr Tri.

Credit not only goes to our wonderfully spirited GAST swimmers triathletes, but also to Lincs Tri for putting on a very professionally run event that went without hitch, even in the face of a fire alarm false alarm and full evacuation of the swimming pool.


Competitor #353 Lucas ‘Jexy’ Jex proudly displays his Triathlete medal… And rightly so. Well done Jexy!

And remember folks, if you’re thinking of entering your kids into the next Triathlon, or even fancy a go yourself, whatever your age or ability you couldn’t get better training than with the coaches at Grimsby Aquatics Swim Club…  The #1 competitive swimming team in Grimsby!  We’re just a click away.




The Triathletes from left to right: Ceci Linton, Eve Linton, Lucy Wood, Jack Wood, Rio Newton, Callum Nurse & Lucas Jex.

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