Dry Land Training & Warm Up

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Any exercise that is performed out of the pool for the purposes of improving swim speed is considered ‘dry-land’ training and is an integral part of all successful swim programs.  The dry land program is developed in conjunction with the coaching team and is designed to vary in type and intensity to complement the overall training plans.  It also aims to prevent injury and improve performance in the water.

Raise, Activate, Mobilise & Prime – a good RAMP warm up should take 10-15 minutes and includes these 4 elements:

  • Raise body temperature
  • Activate the joints and muscles used in swimming
  • Mobilise- stretching the joints and muscles preventing injury
  • Potentiate or Prime groups of muscles so they are ready to work together in the pool

Grimsby Aquatics Swim Team follow best practice guidelines set out by Swim England.


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